My Top 10 Favorite things I did in Scotland Part 2

The continuation of my previous post….

Here are my top five things I loved when I visited Scotland.

I hope that this list will help your vacation into Scotland and think of things you would like to see or do in the country.

My 5th favorite thing about Scotland: Dunkeld, Perthshire (The Scottish Highlands) & St. Andrew’s Castle.
My mom and I visited many places on our trip up through the highlands. We went to a Whiskey Distiller Tour and saw some amazing views in the highlands. Though one of my favorite visits for my trip, the Highlands was Dunkeld, Perthshire. The reason is because apparently Beatrix Potter went up there during her family summer vacations and got inspiration for Peter Rabbit. It is such a pretty town and has a cathedral there too, which was one of the last strong-hold of the Jacobites. I really liked it and thought it was just so pretty.
Tied, St. Andrew’s Castle. My mom and I did a day trip to St. Andrew’s. Even though the burnt down Cathedral was cool, I really loved the Castle. The most interesting history about this castle is the tunnel and counter tunnel.
This dates back to the 1500s.
The archbishop had the stronghold of the castle, but they kept a very well known protestant (I think it was John Knox but not sure with my memory) so the protestant group built a tunnel underground the castle! The archbishop heard about this and built a counter-tunnel underneath! So much politics and tension, glad I don’t live back then, but never-the-less very cool!


St. Andrew’s Castle.



Dunkeld, Perthshire

My 4th favorite thing I did in Scotland : The Real Mary King’s Close ( So there is tour that provides us with tour of the Underground of Edinburgh. As my previous post about Edinburgh, it was a city built inside its walls, so the buildings went upwards. The consequence is that in one building you will have the upper class, middle class, and lower class all living in the same building. So the current Old Town of Edinburg is built on top of its own existing city. I found that to be so cool!
My mom and I almost did not go but our wonderful graveyard tour guide, Allan, really recommended it. So we decided to go to it and learned such fascinating things about the city. My favorite story was about a doctor who cured his patients during the black death, the city promised him so much money, well he survived the Black Death demanding to see that promised money, the city said they did not have it – aka they didn’t think he will survive – but  won a lawsuit and got the promised money.
Pictures at The real Mary King’s Close was not permitted. Though I highly recomended it. 

My 3rd favorite activity in Scotland I did with my mom was visiting the Loch ness lake. So this was on our second day of our Highland tour. I cannot get over how magical the lake felt. I felt a sense of calm and also how breathtaking everything looked. The pictures are around the lake and a fort of one of the last strongholds during the Jacobite rebellion. I just felt a sense of calm and was awed at the beauty of nature.

I chose the picture that my brother photo-shopped Nessie. I still find it funny to this day. Granted it does take away from the majesty of the lake, but  it is too funny not to post.




My 2nd favorite thing I enjoyed about Scotland is the: Balnuarn of Clava
They are grave sites that are believed to be made during the Copper Age! I thought it was really cool. It was bit raining at the time but I think it suited the atmosphere perfectly. Apparently trees were not built there until the Victorian age. When it was discovered people believed it was for the druids and planted it there. I did not expect to go there on my trip. It was very a great surprise! My favorite story on this trip was that my Mom and I were the last ones on, but our bus driver/tour guide did not say to hurry up to us. Instead he said that its understandable we took a long time because we don’t see it everyday. That is the truth.


Copper age

Balnuarn of Clava

My#1 thing I did in Scotland I love was: Edinburgh Castle.
I thought the castle was very cool. I loved the overview of the city. The way it looked like a medieval castle. I loved listening to the intense history of the castle for five hours. It is defiantly a worth a visit. The visit to Margret Chapel. The hidden secrets of the kings and queens of Scotland. I was impressed with the Stone of Destiny. It really was a slob of stone, not some fancy jewel. I was impressed as to the history of having the castle being taken over by the English than reconquered by the Scottish again.
I enjoyed the visit and same as my Mom.




St. Andrew’s Castle.